Mililani Uka Grade 5 Promotion




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Grad spec 4 ds

Package 4+


Keep all four portrait sheets & get an High Resolution (2400 x 3000 pixels) digital download w/print release. 

This package is available only online and only until your school's deadline date for ordering

For orders placed on or before the deadline date. It will Include a High Resolution image (2400 x 3000 pixels) download link sent to the email address you provide with your order. 


$43.00 USD
Grad spec 4 ds

Package 4


Keep all four portrait sheets

$40.00 USD
Grad spec 3 ds

Package 3


Keep any three portrait sheets - Return other one portrait sheet.

$35.00 USD
Grad spec 2 ds

Package 2


Keep any two portrait sheets - Return other two portrait sheets.

$25.00 USD
Grad spec 1 ds

Package 1


Keep any one portrait sheet, Return the other three portrait sheets

$15.00 USD
Grad spec 5 ds

Package 5


Keep all four portrait sheets & get an image CD w/copyright release. May be mailed directly to your address provided on your order form or delivered thru your school.

$50.00 USD