WHS Wrestling




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Package A

1 - 8x10 composite with 4x5 indvidual and 7x5 group

2 - Wallets

Package B

1 -  7x5 group & 4x5 individual composite in acrylic frame

2 - Wallets

Package C

1 - 10x13 Composite of Team & Individual

2 - Wallets

Package D

1 - 5x7 Team and 4x5 Individual in Angled Acryllic Frame

2 - Wallets

Package E

1 - 9x12 walnut trophy plaque with group & indiviual print and soccer figurine.

2 - Wallets

Package F

1 - 8x10 cherry wood plaque with composite print of group & individual with jersey # name, year, and sport

2 - Wallets

MVP Package

8x10 composite of team and individual in acrylic frame

1 wallet magnet

2 wallets of individual

1 cd of individual

Wallet Magnet

2.5x3 Wallet Magnet

Photo Magnet

3.5x5 Photo Magnet

Sports Cards

2.5x3 Sports Cards

QTY: 8

Magazine Cover

8x10 Magazine Cover

with name, year, & sport

Sports Tickets

Sports Tickets

with name & year

QTY: 10

Buddy Statuette

5x7 Acryllic Statuette of Buddy Photo

Trophy Plaque

Trophy Plaque with 5x7 of Team and 3.5x5 of Individual with acrylic covers

with Specific Sport Emblem Trophy


Basic retouching includes skin smoothing and blemish removal


Ship directly to your house!

3" Button

3" Button of individual with year


2.5x3 Keychain of individual

Acrylic Wallet Magnet

2.5x3 Acrylic Wallet Magnet

Acrylic Statuette

5x7 Acrylic Statuette of 1 individual

Metal Dog Tag

Metal Dog Tag

Photo Mug

Photo Mug

with name, sport and year

Metal Water Bottle

Metal Water Bottle

with name, sport and year

Sport specific background

Metal Display Print

8x10 Metal Display Print

Player Spotlight

SENIORS ONLY - 10x13 Composite of Player & Team

Senior Team Poster (Rolled)

FOR SENIORS ONLY - 10x15 Rolled Poster of all Seniors

#202 Team Poster (Framed)

SENIORS ONLY - 10x15 Framed Poster

10x15 Individual Poster

10x15 Individual Poster rolled

Individual Poster Framed

10x15 individual poster framed in a simple black frame

Individual Banner

4'x6' individual vinyl Banner

4x6 print

4 x 6 Print

Please Specify if you want team or individual

4x5 Print

4 x 5 Print

Please Specify if you want team or individual

5 x 7 Print

5 x 7 Print

Please Specify if you want team or individual

8 x 10 print

8 x 10 print

Please specify team or individual

4 wallets

4 Wallets

8 wallets

8 wallets

Uncut Photo Page Prints

1-5x7 & 4 wallets

Please specify if you want team or individual